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Why should I even consider having furniture custom made?

There are many reasons for having your furniture made specifically for you. The first is "QUALITY." Hand made furniture is made one piece at a time, and therefore attention is given entirely to that one piece from commencement to completion. Factory made furniture is mass produced and cannot be given individual attention throughout the process. The resulting difference between the two products can be seen in the quality of the product.


The second reason is materials. Hand made furniture will be made with solid timber, not processed wood products. The end result is in the products life. Well made solid timber furniture, if properly cared for will outlast the purchaser! Factory made furniture I call "Limited Life Furniture."


A third reason is "LIFE COST." Limited Life Furniture is replaced regularly, simply because it deteriorates, and or falls apart. Hand made, solid timber furniture, can be refurbished, and or repaired, to return it to "as new" condition. The bottom line is that ownership cost of "LLF," over a 25 or 30 year period is considerably higher than that of hand made, solid timber furniture.


A fourth reason is choice. Having an item made for "YOU" means you have many choices to make, from the design of the item, timber to be used and finish applied. If you purchase from a furniture store your choices are limited.


Why should I order from you?

A difficult question to answer without appearing egotistical, and the short answer is that of course you don't! However, I do believe I can give you a quality product you would be proud to own, but I am not the only one. Ultimately, you, the customer, must come to a decision as to who you would like to work with, for in the end it it is a collaborative endeavour, and you are a key participant. 


Written by Denis Murray.