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I relish the challenge of creating unique pieces of handmade timber furniture that will be used and treasured by their owners. I am dedicated to producing custom furniture that functions beautifully, is pleasing visually, and will withstand years of everyday use.

The majority of furniture sold today is mass-produced; much of it in Asia, and by design has a limited lifespan. I have coined the phrase "limited-life-furniture" which aptly describes such furniture. We in the West live in a throw-away society. Little of what you purchase today will be in your possession in five years time. How old is your mobile phone? Such is the case with furniture!

Commonly, when considering a furniture purchase, "value" is perceived and assessed only by considering the purchase price. This seems reasonable if the item has a short life, but when one considers ownership cost of an item to do that job over a lifetime, the answer is somewhat different.

The handmade timber furniture I make has the potential, if properly cared for, to outlast the purchaser. Custom furniture has a higher initial cost, but because of its quality, in both materials and construction, has a "life-cost" far less than the "life-cost" of owning a succession of "limited-life-furniture" to fulfill that function. By careful design choice a piece of furniture will not "date" over time. Having been made in solid wood the item can be refurbished and returned to as new condition numerous times throughout its life, and is repairable following all but catastrophic damage.

If my assessment above strikes a chord with you, and you would like to escape the throw away cycle, I offer this suggestion: Next time you need to replace an item of furniture, replace it with a piece of handmade timber furniture. Do this each time you need to replace furniture, and slowly but surely you will acquire a home full of quality, long-lasting handmade timber furniture. Bookmark this page just in case.

Furniture pieces and settings can be built to your requested design, or I can help to custom design and create furniture from both Australian and imported timbers.

To discuss your requirements or ideas you can contact me, Denis Murray, directly by phone or email.

For inspiration, here are a few furniture pieces that might give you some ideas: By Denis Murray.


Hall Table

Hall Table

Elegant hall table design, created from Maple.

Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Coffee table with "oriental accents" fashioned from Queensland Maple (top) and Amoora (legs).

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